Here's Why I Started a Hot Dog Company in the


The first few British American style hot dogs I tasted made me quickly understand why my dear British friends never quite took to the national sports food of America and the Germanic people – the good old fashioned wholesome hot dog. I looked on the list of ingredients for typical British hot dogs and saw that meat was actually the smaller percentage of what they put in their hot dogs. The first ingredient on the list was usually a “filler” of some type such as cereal or corn product or, gosh … who knows, probably even sawdust! And the actual pork product which was put into the hot dogs was most likely from the snout, tail, hocks, or jowls, or just plain pig fat – NOT good sources of meat!


So, me being me, I set out to find where I could purchase good old fashioned kosher style all-beef or even pork hot dogs. Much to my dismay I couldn’t find ONE SUPPLIER at all in the Isle of Man and hardly anyone in the whole of the British Isles! No wonder the Brits don’t enjoy hot dogs like we Americans! You couldn’t get them, until now.

After realizing that we’re sitting on some of the best farming land in the whole of the British Isles and have some of the hardest working great farmers on this side of the Atlantic, I decided to find out what it would take to actually MAKE OUR OWN quality hot dogs. Viola, “Dave’s Delicious Dogs” was born!

• Hormone FREE!      • Antibiotic FREE!      • GMO FREE!      • Gluten FREE!      • Wheat FREE!      • Stress FREE!      • Naturally wholesome

All our sausage products at Dave’s Delicious Dogs are quality and have no filler or gluten. The meat content is no less than 80% on the pork Frankfurters and most other sausages and hot dogs are anywhere from 86% to 95%. Try finding that level of meat content in your tinned hot dogs! But more than that, you can really taste the difference in the TASTE of our hot dogs versus a wheat filled tinned hot dogs. Sure they’re cheaper, but if you care about what you put in your mouth, the choice is obvious.

The following audio clips sum it up nicely

Here's why we do what we do, voila, a


Our mission at Dave’s Delicious Dogs is to bring the best, highest quality, gourmet American and German style hot dogs and sausages to you made all from locally grown livestock and introduce to you the joy of my yesteryears – GREAT DELICIOUS HOT DOGS!