I moved to the British Isles in 2013 and brought my American can-do spirit along with me. I have always loved all-beef kosher style hot dogs from my many days as a Cubs baseball season ticket holder at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Being that my grandparents were Dutch and German, I also inherited an appreciation for fine high-quality encased meat products,… after all, my oma …would make her own – grinding the meat away by hand and encasing it – right in her old-fashioned German style kitchen.


The first few British American style hot dogs I tasted made me quickly understand why my dear British friends never quite took to the national sports food of America and the Germanic people – the good old fashioned wholesome hot dog. I looked on the list of ingredients for typical British hot dogs and saw that meat was actually the smaller percentage of what they put in their hot dogs. The first ingredient on the list was usually a “filler” of some type such as cereal or corn product or, gosh … who knows, probably even sawdust! And the actual pork product which was put into the hot dogs was most likely from the snout, tail, hocks, or jowls, or just plain pig fat – NOT good sources of meat!


As explained on this audio clip the American Man with a moustache is coming to your grill with fresh dogs made with meat grown by Manx Farmers.


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